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Walking the Path of Crystal Consciousness
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Vivienne Kueck is a respected crystals expert and the owner of Stones for Africa.

She has over many years continued to expand her knowledge with certified training skills in various modalities of alternative healing and counselling.
She is combining crystal, sound and colour therapies with inspirational guided meditations to help her clients clear the emotional issues that prevent them from reaching and mastering their pure potential. Check out Vivienne's Healing for more details.

Vivienne’s philosophy is to empower others to embark on the journey, learning new ways of doing and being, planting the seeds of change and transformation.

On a more personal note she loves her early morning cuppa which helps her to connect to inspiration and finds motivation through meditation and journaling with a cat or two curled nearby.  

She also loves to travel, where she gets lost zooming in on nature's beauty and the energy of the surrounding landscape.
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