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SPIRITUAL SELF-DEVELOPMENT January 2016 Over many years I have been honoured to be the Licensee for the Lightarian TM Institute in South Africa.   The simplicity yet profundity of the healing attunements speak for themselves assisting through change and challenge, ultimately … Continued

Year end 2015

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Greetings Gem Friends Summer 2015 News….. Well the heat is on and remaining cool and hydrated is one of the main objectives. Do remember the list of gem elixirs to maintain energy levels – Clear Quartz being top of the … Continued

Summer 2015 Newsletter

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Greetings Gem Friends Being committed to making changes and allowing for better choices is paramount to success. However, the question of maintaining often remains a challenge. The placement of crystals in line with the elements are sound principles, bringing balance … Continued

Summer 2014 newsletter

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Greetings  Gem friends The year has had some challenging cycles but encouraged by rising above it and seeing the growth that occurs from a higher perspective. Remember that crystals and gemstones,  create an amazing energy  and always a topic of … Continued

Crystals Spring Newsletter 2014

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Every Beauty – Every Bliss Knowing that all originates in your own thoughts, what instinctively do you want to bring into manifestation? Spring is dancing into your life and it’s time to focus your intentions, hold onto your inner authority … Continued