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Welcome and thank you to those who comment and appreciate the content of our communications, the high frequency energy of our store and the likes on our Face Book fan page.  Look out for our Mother’s Day competition which has started!


With Autumn leaves gently falling covering the ground, extra blankets and wraps, offer the layers of warmth. It is also a reminder to boost the immune system maintaining good health as the seasons change.


Did you know – Sodalite (sourced from Namibia and Brazil) identified by its dark navy blue with white veins of Calcite is a gem that supports this very need.


Magnesite Howlite is an all-important gem to relieve aches and pains with colder weather thanks to its grey vein of magnesium that runs through this snow white coloured carbonate mineral.


Mothers Day Make sure you are into our Lucky Draw. Prizes Store vouchers R500, R1 000, R1 500 Enter by  1) Joining and liking the Stones For Africa fan page  2) Tell us the name of your favourite gem  3)share and invite others to enter.

We also have a entry box in store !


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Highlight New Gem recently sourced from (check spelling Tshiphese SA). This red Piedmontite and olive green of Epidot called Dragonstone This mineral assists with easing sadness and self-pity. Promotes grounding by calming and relaxing restlessness, allowing for patience. Most beneficial for those needing endurance through times of change and transformation.


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Our Healing Index for Body, Mind and Spirit and easy reference of associated gems has been uploaded to our website, offering a selection to choose from supporting health and wellbeing


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Angel carvings your all-time favourites in Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst

 It is said no one else can take the place of a Mother! Happy Mother’s Day Stay warm and wrapped till the next time!