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The Mother of All Months

A mellow May hello to all of you and a huge thank you for commenting on and appreciating our communications, including liking our facebook page – we just love to be liked! The store has been a hive of activity, new stock, lots of our favourite people and many new visitors too. It will soon be Mother’s Day and that means treats, pampering and our Mother of All Competitions – make sure you enter because the prizes are generous!


Autumn arrived, signaling that winter is on its way to us. Winter – that brings to mind images of steaming mugs of hot chocolate, curling up on the couch wrapped in a big, fluffy blanket, and comfort food! Our favourite is mashed potatoes, the real thing, not the packet variety, mixed with generous dollops of butter and milk – YUM! We’d love to hear about your favourite winter comfort foods too, so let us know.


This month, in honour of Mother’s Day, we’re showcasing crystals that ease a woman through the various phases of her life.


For Those Once-A-Month Cramps:


  • Citrine or Labradorite (balances hormones and energises)
  • Moonstone (helps with discomfort and tension)
  • Chrysocolla or Jet (helps with cramps)



For Fertility and Pregnancy:


  • Lepidolite (assists through pregnancy & after the birth)
  • Mangano Calcite (promotes a feeling of safety)
  • Kunzite (for peace, balance and dispelling negativity)
  • Rose Quartz (increases fertility, calming in pregnancy)
  • Unakite (great aid in pregnancy, harmonises reproductive system)
  • Azurite, Charoite or Amber (helps stretching of skin in pregnancy)
  • Green Calcite or Green Aventurine (helps stretching ligaments in pregnancy)


For Menopause and Beyond:


  • Amethyst (relieves insomnia and stress)
  • Carnelian (relieves depression)
  • Chrysoprase (good for restless legs)
  • Citrine (aids digestion)
  • Clear quartz (good for concentration)
  • Lapis Lazuli (insomnia)
  • Moonstone (balances hormones)



Make it Moonstone

If you only get one stone, then get the woman’s stone, Moonstone assists on so many levels, from fertility to preparation for pregnancy, easing pregnancy and childbirth, balancing hormones and relieving fluid retention.



To get the maximum benefit from your crystals carry them around with you, place a few in your bath water, and keep them under your pillow at night or on your bedside table.


Spotlight on Sodalite (sourced from Namibia and Brazil).

An exquisite blue stone with white veins of calcite, Sodalite is a stone of protection. It calms anxiety and panic attacks, activates the immune system, balances the metabolism, treats the throat, vocal cords, larynx, relieves digestive problems and reduces blood pressure.


Highlighting Howlite.

This creamy white stone with its lovely grey veins of magnesium is a real cold weather friend. Great for relieving aches and pains, calming an agitated mind, boosting the memory and increasing the desire for knowledge.


WIN with the Mother of All Competitions!

1. Join and like the Stones for Africa facebook fan page

2. Leave a comment, telling us the name of your favourite gemstone

3. Share and invite others to enter


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You will automatically be entered into the draw (there is also an entry box in our store), which takes place at 12:00 mid day on the 11th of May. You could be the lucky winner of a store voucher to the value of R500, R1 000 or R1 500.  


Saturday 11th is Hot Chocolate Day!

Join us, enjoy delicious hot chocolate and other treats while you browse and mingle with other crystal lovers. The draw for the Mother of All Competitions will take place at 12:00 mid day– if you are a winner and can’t be with us, we’ll notify you by email.


Looking For a Great Gift Idea?

How about an electronic gift voucher – we load it with the amount you choose and mail it to you. Quick, simple, sorted!


Learning Opportunities – See our Noticeboard on the Website

Join Carole Watkins  – Dances with Words Coaching Group

Join Vivienne Kueck – Power Crystal Workshop

Join Naisha AshianPrimus Activation Healing Technique


In Stock – Recently Discovered Dragonstone

Discovered in Tshipise, South Africa, this local lovely with its vivid red Piedmontite and contrasting olive green Epidote, is a potent stone. Helps to ease sadness and self-pity, provides grounding, and assists through times of transformation and transition.





New Healing Index for Body, Mind and Spirit

Looking for the appropriate crystal to help with a particular ache or condition? Now you can go to our website and quickly match the right crystal to the condition to support your health and wellbeing.



Angels and All

Your favourite Angel carvings have arrived in Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst.  Come and say hello to them.


We love what Elizabeth Stone said about mothers: Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.


On that note, here’s to a glorious Mother’s Day! Stay warm, stay happy, and visit us soon!