Crystal Conversations Summer Newsletter 2014

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Summer is SO here!

A whole, new, unblemished year stretches ahead – it’s a fresh start, a chance to experience new things, meet new people, visit new places and learn new things. Meanwhile, enjoy lazy days in cool waters with endless jugs of  yummy iced drinks.

The Year of the Horse

2014 promises to be a year in full gallop, an energy that has already made itself felt.

But no matter how much you commit to this year, your own space, your sacred space, is of vital importance. Make time to connect with the Divine, be reminded of ancient wisdom and spiritual grace and consciously tune in to the elements of the Earth. It is a time to reawaken your True Self, your deepest passions and desires – and create a solid foundation on which to make your dreams manifest.

Follow us on facebook as we journey through the crystals and elements – we’re here to guide and assist you in your journey – and our advice is free! Have you got big decisions to make? Are you feeling drained or overwhelmed after a tough year?

Choose these crystals to help centre yourself, rekindle your inspiration and create clarity and focus:


Earth – Smokey Quartz (decisions)

Fire – Calcite (spontaneity)

Water – Rose Quartz (love)

Air – Fluorite (commitment)

Scentre Yourself

There is something about good quality Incense that creates a definite lightness in the atmosphere, infusing the surroundings with a sense of protection, peace, and harmony. Visit us and choose from a variety of incense sticks, cones and holders as well as gorgeous fragrant oils and burners.



Viva Valentine’s Day 

Get your special someone a piece of jewellery they can wear and treasure forever. Our new range of sterling silver pendants, bracelets and earrings set with faceted gems has just arrived.  Perfect purple Amethyst, rich red Garnet, glowing golden Citrine, glamorous green Peridot, and brilliant blue Topaz await you.

Citrine Pendant_566x600 Topaz Studs_610x600


Events Events Events

Live Love Dream

If you are interested in creating a happy, successful and fulfilling marriage, then you have come to the right place… Let Live Love Dream help you build the foundation for a resilient marriage right from the start! For more information, please visit the website: or contact Candice on 083 256 4748.


Dances with Words 

Longing to express yourself through the written word? Have a desire to salsa with sentences and do the lambada with language? Join a Dances with Words Funshop and unleash your creativity, let your own writing style emerge and have fun at the same time! Visit or contact Carole on 079 542 3896.


Lightarian Institute 

Keen to enhance your spiritual self-development? Teachings take place throughout the year. Contact Vivienne on 082 770 1061 for more information.


We look forward to seeing you very soon, so pop into the shop for a visit and chat.

Love and blessings.