Crystal News – December 2012

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We celebrate in gratitude your support of Stones For Africa and in return continue to offer our truth and integrity in service.

Collectively we agree that significant shifts both personally and planetary, highlight the 2012 calendar.

It is with a zest of energy that we look forward to the new beginnings of energetic consciousness as they unfurl layer by layer, opening doors to endless opportunities. What exuberant energies support us right now!

Whether you choose to take time alone or be a part of a group, I am certain you will follow your inner knowing, trusting your intuition as the sacred dates hold a space in time.

Crystals are keepers of unique elemental vibration that offer a palette of colour, texture and form. Do ensure that there is a good balance supporting you, your family, business and environment now and well into the future with decorative and meaningful table scapes.

Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to stop in or contact me

Aura Sprays

The Planetary Aura Sprays enhance your auric field expanding your awareness to new ways of thinking another great gift idea.

Travel Pack

Being prepared is part of the journey, remember your gem travel pack to remedy minor ailments.

Hold or place the stone at the affected area, take a couple of deep breaths and relax. It is important to cleanse the crystals after use, under running water.

Complaint – Crystal 

Aches – Magnesite (white)

Allergies – Moss Agate (moss like)

Bleeding stop – Hematite (silver)

Blood pressure – Aventurine (green/speckles)

Blood sugar – Chrysocolla (turquoise)

Bones broken – Malachite (deep green/bands)

Burns – Rutile (strands in Quartz)

Calming – Blue Lace Agate (blue)

Colds and Flu – Fluorite (translucent green)

Colic – Carnelian (orange)

Constipation – Jasper (rust red)

Depression – Lepidolite (lilac)

Detoxification – Obsidian (black/snowflake)

Digestive system – Tiger Eye (golden brown)

Headaches – Amethyst (purple)

Immune system – Quartz (transparent)

Kidneys – Prehnite (mint green)

Liver – Bloodstone (green/red fleck)

Nervous system – Agate (grey bands)

Trauma – Rose Quartz (pink)


Festive Hours 2012 / 2013

Mon  17 December 09h00 – 13h00

Mon  24 December 09h00 –  13h00

Tues 25 December Closed

Wed  26 December Closed

Thur 27  December 09h00 – 13h00

Fri    28  December 09h00 – 13h00

Sat  29   December 09h00 – 13h00

Mon 31  December Closed

Tues 01 January     Closed

Wed 02 January      Closed


Whereever you go, whatever you do, celebrate and take loads of love with you.


Crystal Blessings

Vivienne x