Crystal News – February 2012

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Crystals For The Journey

We know that no matter what facet of life you are steering through, to be successful you need a plan and tools to achieve your desired result.
Gemstones have been highly revered to avert negative energy, promote abundance, clarity, love and success in the past, present and well into the future.

What needs to be filtered out and valued on your spiritual journey in 2012? Our quick questionaire has been developed to assist decluttering the mind, making space for the new, whilst anchoring precious gem energy into the now. Take a look at the bottom of the page and see for yourself…

Spiritual Mentor

VIVIENNE KUECK is experienced, respected and operates from a space of integrity, sharing her knowledge on various healing modalities. Consultations and Life Review Readings instore or via Skype


Monday – Friday 10h00 – 16h00
Saturday 09h00 – 14h00
After Hours by appointment

New Stock Items


Valentine’s Day Hearts

*Carnelian*__ – Symbolises a warm loving energy together with blessings from Archangel Gabriel, purification body, mind and spirit.

Rose Quartz__ – Harmony, tranquility and acceptance with blessings of peace and love from Archangel Ariel.


Theme: Crystals For the Journey, takes you through an introduction to the gem world of colours, shapes, identitifaction, practical uses, grids and body layouts, supporting you in every facet of your life.

When: Sunday 26 February 2012
Time: 09h30-12h30
Where: Stones For Africa, 39A Kingfisher Drive, Fourways
Cost: R350 includes manual, certificate and refreshments

Healing Attunements

Theme: Lightarian TM Angellinks
These five attunements (intergrated in one special session) provide angelic inspiration and support, while assisting you in embodying their pure angelic qualities and expanding them into all areas of your life.

These connections infuse the qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment, joy, courage and beauty.

When: Saturday 10 March 2012
Time: 14h30-16h30
Where: Stones For Africa, 39A Kingfisher Drive, Fourways
Cost: R650 (Introductory offer)includes manual for personal/teaching purposes, Certificate, registration and refreshments

Monthly Group Meditation

Theme: Lemurian Healing Circle
Combination of meditation, chanting of mantras, heart-opening exercises, yoga and Lemurian healing.

When: Saturday 17 March 2012
Time: 14h30-16h30
Where: Stones For Africa, Delta House, 39A Kingfisher Drive, Fourways
Cost: R50 per person including refreshments

Quick Questionaire

1.It’s hard for me to concentrate.
*Sodalite*__: Assists one to focus and concentrate.

2.I find descision making really hard.
Smokey Quartz__: Grounds your energy bringing clarity with positive results.

3.My idea bank grows, but can’t seem to materialise them.
*Citrine*__: Helps you to manifest in an empowered, practical manner.

5.Speaking my truth is difficult in fear of hurting another.
*Turquoise*__: Helps to clarify ideas and to express them creatively and to invite others in helping to make them come true.

6.Letting go of old ideas and beliefs is not easy.
Clear Quartz__: Offers a new lens to see who you truly are, freeing and liberating yourself.

7.I am critical of myself.
Rose Quartz__: The stone of unconditional love and non-judgment.

8.Sometimes I feel I’m in a different dimension of reality.
Hematite, Obsidian, Onyx or Jet__: Anchor your energies on earth.

9.Money comes and goes, never satisfying my needs.
*Emerald*__: Enhances your success and maintains the source of abundance.

10.I’m often overwhelmed with anxiety and fear.
*Amethyst*__: Releases fear and balances emotions.

11.Past traumas, hurts and pain keep me back.
*Olmitte*__: Provides courage and strength, promoting healing.

12.Negative energy from people, places or situations drain my energy.
Black Tourmaline__: Brings protection and repels negative energy.

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