Crystal News – June 2012

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The calendar of events has certainly been highlighed with much celebration, whether on a Royal, Planetary or Personal note and
made it through some really chilly days.

Most of all we are striving daily towards inner transformation in the assimilation of the journey of life.The mineral kingdom
obliges with its many “ever greens”, gems that are well known and easily identified. There is also a band that blows
its own trumphet for all to hear! It’s time to be introduced to some of these exuberant gems that, to some are not so well known:-

Hematoid Quartz – helps one “to sort things out” in ones mind. Used for mental attunement, memory enhancement and original thinking.

Iolite – Balances masculine and feminine energies, excellent for all over healing. Supports with spiritual growth. Brings harmony to
life and relationships.

Jasper Polychrome – Balances and aligns the emotional body, filters out negative whilst focusing and grounding. Assists with change that occurs with energy shifts.

Prehnite & Tourmaline – Multiplies one’s energy, changing your energy field. Used for dream recall. Transforms all negative energies, protects against harmful physical or psychic influences. Neutralises own negative energies of anger, resentment, jealousy and insecurity.

Rhodocrosite – “Stone of compassion” alleviating irrational fear and paranoia. Assists with physical and emotional healing bridging
between upper and lower chakras. Excellent for the solar plexus and healing of the inner child. Assists in finding ones life mission.

Serpentine– Initiates healing process of clearing and stimulating when placed at the crown chakra, bringing all aspects of self back
into alignment. Reveals the underlying causes of imbalance, allowing one to rectify before it manifests as a physical ‘disease’. Connecting with the Divine energy of Source.

Seraphinite – “Stone of longetivity” enhancing meditation and the flow of Kundalini enery. Invokes celestial contact with the highest
order of angels. Good stone for those relocating accompanied with protection.

The Inner Secrets of Crystals Book

Can you feel the physical energies of a crystal when you are holding it? Can you feel it tingle, or buzz, or giggle or do you hear sounds or even words when you connect with it? Have you ever wondered who or what inhabits a crystal?

The book by Janine Davies (priced at R150) is an invitation to discover the inner beauty of Quartz crystals. Beautifully hardcover bound into a 116 full colour plate volume, it explores their inner worlds in an astonishing way and invites the viewer to start their own crystal voyage through this delightful collection of self-transformations.

As every single image in the book represents an unaltered picture taken from the secret inside world, the energies emanating from it are pure and powerful.

Open up a page at random and meditate over the picture, read the book from beginning to end (or end to beginning, if you like…), fall asleep with the book in your hands, use the book in meditation groups, you are sure to feel the magical energies of the crystals connecting with your being.

Celestial Aura Sprays

CelestRa has created a selection of 9 exotic fragrances made with the finest Perfume Oils infused with the frequencies of the Stars and Planets enhancing your energy field bringing a sense of unity with oneness.

Venus – Unconditional love, peace and light
Sirius – Connects and supports your divinity
Earth – Grounding your physical body
Orion – Intellect, bringing ancient knowledge
Sun – Warms the heart through joy and love
Atlantis – Consciousness of Atlantis and moving beyond
Moon – Emotional balance
Nibiru – Inner knowledge
Ascension – Releasing conditionings, stepping onto a new pathway
Priced R140 each

Lightarian™ Teachings (Read previous Article to know more)
Lightarian™ Angellinks
Next Group Date: Sunday 8 July Time: 09h30 – 12h00
Introductory rate R650 for all five attunements in one sitting

Lightarian™ Purification Rings
Next Group Date: Sundays 15, 22, 29 Jul and 12, 19, 26 August
R2 700 (R450 per attunement – six attunements)

Sending Warm love and hugs