Crystal News – March 2012

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Cosmic Awakening


Holds an energy that is indescribeable as personally experienced, as I ran between two airport terminals, risking “time” for a connecting flight,thinking I had misplaced a velvet pouch.

My mind harnessed with the journey we had shared, almost felt unrelenting. However, tired after a long haul and the eventual connection with the mattress to stretch out a well travelled body, was most welcome.

It seemed that few hours passed before the room was filled with early morning light and excitement of my new location. Collecting my thoughts for the
day and on unzipping a pocket of my hand luggage, almost in disbelief, was my treasured velvet pouch, yes my Moldavite!


Is a fusion of cosmic energy, named after Moldau (Vltava), Czech Republic.
Regarded as a spiritual talisman, it is a catalyst for self-healing and transformation, inviting change on all levels. This minerals high vibrational energy propels you on your spiritual path and powerfully activates and aligns all the chakras.


Is a meteorite, glassy, densely translucent in appearance.
Assists one to gather knowledge throughout the travels of life. Allows one to let go of past undesirable experiences making way for the new. Insight to core of situations, giving strength and courage, knowing when to stand back, allowing others growth. Balances male and female energies. When worn, amplifies auric field and brightens energies. Treats capillaries and blood vessels, stimulating circulation.

Libyan Gold Tektite

Is a yellow glassy material found in the Sahara Desert.
Experience expanded awareness in meditation and manifestation as you reach and live your full potential with guidance and knowledge from the ancient ones.
Benefit from the healing and repatterning of cellular memory through the bodies likened to a golden liquid of light filtering through your being.

I have no doubt in my mind, that you too have a treasured pouch and encourage you to add an infusion of energy, shifting through the expansiveness of time and space to a new view of cosmic reality.

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Crystals For the Journey, takes you through the world of gems by colour, shapes, identitifaction, practical uses, grids and body layouts, supporting you in every facet of your life.

When: Sunday 22 April 2012
Time: 09h30-12h30
Where: Stones For Africa, 39A Kingfisher Drive, Fourways
Cost: R350 includes manual, certificate and refreshments

Healing Attunements


Lightarian TM Angellinks
These five attunements (intergrated in one special session) provide angelic inspiration and support, while assisting you in embodying their pure angelic qualities and expanding them into all areas of your life. These connections infuse the qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment, joy, courage and beauty.

When: Saturday 29 April 2012
Time: 14h30-16h30
Where: Stones For Africa, 39A Kingfisher Drive, Fourways
Cost: R650 (Introductory offer)includes manual for personal/teaching purposes, Certificate, registration and refreshments.

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Public holidays – closed Monday 9 April 2012
otherwise open 09h00 – 14h00

Crystal blessings to you and yours!

x Vivienne