Crystal News – November 2012

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Being a channel of light on Earth is the focus for many at this time and do hope you can join us for a meditation anchoring in this energy in preparation for next month.

We have a huge variety of gemstone gifts to suite your needs, or purchase a gift voucher which can be forwarded to you, making shopping for gifts even easier.


Join our Group R80 includes refreshments

Light on Earth anchoring energy, supporting life

Date: Sunday 25 November 2012

Time: 10h00 – 11h30

RSVP to book space

Angelic Inspiration and Motivation

We all have many angel stories to tell and continue to call and connect with their divine loving energies. Connection with the Angels, brings significant support, bringing harmony, upliftment and positivity into our lives.

Place gems correlating to Angels on your bedside table, desk in motor car, or wear as piece of jewellery or in a pocket. Remember to thank and acknowledge their presence and loving supportive energy.

Recognise your commitment to “just doing it”. Send love to relatives, friends, families in your neighbourhood, standing in universal love.


Ariel –  Environment                                          Gemstones: Agate Moss green, Picture stone

Azrael – Grief                                                    Gemstones: Calcite, Aquamarine

Chamuel – Harmony                                          Gemstones: Fluorite, Tourmaline pink

Gabriel – Fertility                                               Gemstones: Garnet, Carnelian

Haniel –  Feminine cycles                                  Gemstones: Angelite, Moonstone

Jeremiel – Opportunities                                    Gemstones: Rhodochrosite, Sodalite

Jophiel – Structure                                            Gemstones: Aventurine, Hematite

Metatron – Anchoring                                        Gemstones: Ocean Jasper, Kyanite

Michael – Protection                                          Gemstones: Amethyst, Labradorite

Raguel – Relationships                                      Gemstones: Agate Blue Lace, Lepidolite

Raphael – Healing                                             Gemstones: Chrysoprase, Malachite

Raziel – Blockages                                            Gemstones: Apophylite, Quartz

Sandalphon – Soothes                                      Gemstones: Rhodonite, Turquoise

Uriel – Inspiration                                               Gemstone: Citrine, Pyrite

Zadkiel – Clarity                                                 Gemstone: Azurite – Malachite, Lapis Lazuli


Cycle of life

Keep your awareness open to the keys that open doors of opportunity through the cycles of life by making informed choices and reframing past experiences with endless gratitude of the gifts still to be unwrapped.

Love and blessings on Angel wings