Crystal News – October 2012

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Crystal News – October 2012 

Take time to watch the buds, new leaves and satin petals from pale to vibrant day by day.

Some blooms close on cloudy days and night, with fragrances that tickle your nose.

A reminder to draw solar energy up and in through your heart and drink from the

elixir within your soul.

Greetings from the fairy realm as they welcome and hold you in their magical world.

Anchoring Higher Vibrations

An effective way to anchor in higher energetic vibrations and spiritual wisdom is to be creative.

So why not get started and create your own gem gifts with meaning, including a note of their healing properties on a handmade card. You will be grateful to be ahead of yourself as time flies when you are having fun,  and year end celebrations are fast approaching.

Whilst my “Gem Tree” project was quiet large for the shop, picture frames, words, pen holders, and mirrors can be done effectively, in no time at all.


Crystal Grids

Your environment indoor or out, offers endless ideas with crystal grids incorporating the elements of the Earth.

It is important to dissipate stress and negative energy by creating, anchoring and maintaining the foundational principles of love, peace and harmony.

If you require personal assistance with your home or office, contact Vivienne

New Stock

Our stock of Chinese minerals has safely made its way across the waters, joined friends and sparkling for their new keepers.


Invites and maintains financial resources to meet all your needs and desires. Brings strength to the physical body.


Quietens the emotions bringing peace and change to the inner self. Dispels nervousness, fear and panic.


Independence in employment and initiative toward accomplishment, releasing inhibitions. Brings powerful decision making with spontaneous action to see the “big picture”.


Brings truth, patience and perseverance, through connection to higher self. Assists alignment of subtle bodies by enhancing emotional stability. Aids creativity and imagination, allowing access to information from advanced realms.


Symbolises warmth, sun, love and friendship. Creates an important protection shield to your energy field.


Pure white light energy when placed on the body or in an environment. Brings clarity of mind with telepathy.


Stimulates creative energies, releases blockages preventing manifestation of focused intentions.

We at STONES FOR AFRICA thank you for your continued support and in return, stand by our MISSION STATEMENT:-

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Crystal blessings Vivienne