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Stones for Africa
Walking the Path of Crystal Consciousness
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Choose from our 6 box sets to give a meaningful & unique gift to heal the Soul
There are 6 specially selected items in each box
A suggested ritual and free meditation included
Contact us to find out more...
New Mom Care
Congratulations New Mamma.
You and your body are amazing!
Enjoy this box of special items to nurture yourself and help your body, mind and emotions settle into this new role with your precious babe.

Gifts: Gem- Lepidolite, Tea- Green Rooibos, Candle-Neroli, Bath Salt Pack, Incense-Vanilla, Flower of Life Sign
Meditation Bliss
Go within to connect to your inner wisdom and bliss.
Use all these beautiful items within this gift box to enhance your meditation practice and awareness.

Gifts: Gem- Amethyst, Tea- Mint, Candle-Neroli, Bath Salt Pack, Smudge Stick-Lavender, Flower of Life Sign
Healing Harmony
Recovering from illness or an operation your body needs extra support to heal well and get your energy back.

Gifts: Gem- Amazonite, Tea- Moringa, Candle-Neroli, Bath Salt Pack, Incense- White Sage, Flower of Life Sign
Abundance Manifesting
Open up and unlock new levels of abundance.
You are an abundant being.
Remove blockages and allow it the flow to you with joy and ease.

Gifts: Gem- Quartz, Tea- Cinnamon, Candle- Neroli, Bath Salt Pack, Smudge Stick- Sage, Flower of Life Sign
Self Love Goddess
Align with your inner Goddess.
Embracing and loving your magnificence.
You are magical and a beautiful phenomenon!

Gifts: Gem- Rose Quartz, Tea- Jasmine, Candle- Neroli, Bath Salt Pack, Incense- Patchouli, Flower of Life Sign
Grief Comfort
Condolences on your loss.
Your heart aches and heals as you go through your grieving journey.
May you find some peace and comfort

Gifts: Gem- Aventurine, Tea- Hemp Seed, Candle- Neroli, Bath Salt Pack, Incense- Sandalwood, Flower of Life Sign
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