Newsletter August 2018

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SFA- Newsletter August 2018

Good Day Gem Friends,

Gentle reminders and major nudges have been topping the spiritual news. Let’s continue to embrace this time and cycle of the seasons to go within do some reflecting and ask yourself:

What do I need right now? Or perhaps, what parts do I need to release or work on that are preventing me from achieving my personal, relationship or life goals?


-Some old habits?

-Fears got you stuck?

-Heart- ache need healing?

Whatever it is, get the support and motivation you need to overcome these and align with your true amazing self. Your WHY has to be bigger than any of the reasons/obstacles that can stop you.

Crystals are a positive tool that raises your vibration and can assist you to shift your mind set and energy!

See the Crystals For the Journey list that gives you numerous topics and then the corresponding gems that can help.




Spheres– represents all round wholeness, excellent for balance and meditation practise.

Pyramids– this symmetrical shapes symbolizes insight, stability, self-development and balance. Grounds & focuses achievement.

Angels– connect to the love and support of Angelic guidance.

Octahedrons– linked to the heart chakra, reflects balance, healing and nurturing.

Faceted Crystals – the brilliance of this energy brings clarity and healing.


Let Vivienne assist you on your journey of Self-Development. With over 20 years’ experience with Crystal Healing, spiritual knowledge and holistic ways she offers sessions that combine several techniques that provide clients with a unique, personal experience where they can process, learn and evolve….

ONE-on-ONE sessions:

Experience the ancient art of crystal healing. Crystals are capable of absorbing, magnifying and transmitting light – the highest form of energy known to the physical universe. Crystals and gemstones are wonderful healing tools that may be placed on and around the body as well as in the immediate environment.

From the peace and beauty of a safe, nurturing space, Vivienne’s crystal healing enables you to clear the emotional issues that prevent you from moving forward. Once you take the steps to recovering your joy in life, you will never look back.



There are five attunements which provide angelic inspiration and support, while assisting you in embodying their pure angelic qualities and expanding them into all areas of your life.


An AngelLink is a simple, etheric energy connection, established during a simple guided meditation that is permanently established between an individual and a particular angelic being. In general terms, the AngelLinks have been inspired by Seraph Rose Aura and the Archangels in this energetic way and are empowered to share the AngelLinks with others serving as a conduit for propagating these angelic qualities and patterns throughout humanity.


Join us for inspiration and creative manifestation in our next Angel Group email for a booking form

Date: Sunday  9th September 2018    Time: 09h00- 13h00

Investment: R1000 (*special offer) includes manual, registration , gem gift and refreshments.

For more information


We have 2 information-packed books that have been created and filled with Vivienne’s knowledge, tips and practical uses accumulated over many years presenting workshops. You can have get your own copy R100 each. See this link:


Get focused vision. Get good energy vibrations with Crystals. Get your hopes and dreams manifested into reality.


Crystal Blessings

Vivienne, Stones For Africa