Summer 2014 newsletter

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Greetings  Gem friends

The year has had some challenging cycles but encouraged by rising above it and seeing the growth
that occurs from a higher perspective.

Remember that crystals and gemstones,  create an amazing energy  and always a topic of conversation for any  occasion. Here is a festive idea, use Gemstones as your place settings which becomes your guests meaningful gift.

As always we pride ourselves with personalised service, excellent pricing for quality and sharing of knowledge in any facet.

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New stock
We have had a bumper year for new stock and thank all our Face Book followers who comment on our updates, being as enthralled as much as we are every time a new shipment comes in.

Latest additions –
Fluorite Lamps – An essential healing stone, surrounding one in inner peace, strength intuition, bringing order to chaos, increases concentration.

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Carvings of Angels, Quan Yin and Lu Li Buddha – Quartz, Rose Quartz, Fluorite and Amethyst

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Tumbled Apatite – Enhances energy of other crystals, storing information and communication. Clears blockages in meridians.

Tumbled Shungite – Shields against electromagnetic radiation. Invokes souls light, prophecy, magic and protection.

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Gift Vouchers

Do you want to keep it effortless but meaningful? Perhaps you want to give others the choice. For your convenience we can email you STONES FOR AFRICA  Gift Vouchers.

Festive Hours

9-2pm   Wednesday 24
Closed  Thursday 25
Closed   Friday 26
9-2pm   Saturday 27
9-2pm  Monday 29
9-2pm   Tuesday 30
9-2pm   Wednesday 31

Closed Thursday 01
Closed  Friday 02
9-2pm  Saturday 03


Festive Greetings

We thank you for your continued support as lovers of the mineral kingdom.

Our wish for you is that your ideas flourish and inspiration flows together with strength and courage, holding the greatest ideals for 2015!

May you and your loved ones travel safe and be filled with radiant love wherever you go!

Crystal Blessings Vivienne