Summer Newsletter 2018

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Dear Gem Friends,

If you can dream it you can do it! The numbers are truly in our favour this year. With the
Master Number 11 (2+0+1+8=11) amplifying change and manifesting your desires. So
therefore, tuning into your intuitive voice and rising above challenges to make it happen.
Supported further with the Number 2. Very definitely investigating and nurturing of your
spiritual self. Maintaining inner peace is top priority.

  • New Stock

Clusters and Points of Quartz with Rutile inclusion- Gets to the “root of problems”. Brings strength,
love and growth. Heals and balances the aura. Stabilises relationships in marriage.

Sterling Silver Pendants Grossularite is unique – Opens the heart, teaches love within all.

Freeform pendants or key chain in a range of gemstone types for health, wealth, healing and

*Collectors Corner*

A beautiful selection of rare minerals sourced from the Congo (D.R.C) are now on display
and available to purchase. Add a special piece to your collection.

– Azurite (Spiritual Self Development)
– Cobaltion Calcite (Uplifting Emotions)
– Chrysocolla (Environmental Cleansing)
– Malachite (Achievement and Success)

  • Crystal Workshops

March 4 th
Amplifying Your Potential with the Diamond Light (facilitated by Julie Umpleby)

For energy healers, therapists and anyone who desires to increase their power, confidence and
contribution in the world.
During this half day seminar, you will be provided with insight and tools to align with the energetic
structures that will upgrade your existing practices to a new level. The beauty of working within the
diamond frequency is that it blends beautifully with everything you already do, and becomes a
constantly available stream of new energy to support you.

  • Establishing a personal connection and alignment with the new incoming diamond
  •  Amplifying your heart field for expanded love, compassion and healing
  • A space clearing and protection process with the Black Diamond
  • Interacting with the diamond light codes as a visual ‘light language’ for support, guidance,
    healing, higher knowledge and DNA activation
    Cost: R600 per person Time: 12h00- 17h00 Venue: Stones For Africa

March 10th
Instantaneous Healing through the Vogel Techniques (Facilitator- MIKA from USA)
Explore and learn the new techniques that have emerged utilizing the Vogel crystal for healing. In
his nearly 30 years of working with crystals, Mika has never observed as much instantaneous
healing as is possible by using the Vogel technique, where we become conduits of Light and Love
offered through the Divine. When a crystal is cut and shaped, it takes on a form that can be found in
a Sacred Geometric pattern…in this case, the Tree of Life form.
GAUTENG WORKSHOP IS FULL. (For KZN, FaceBook The New Forest Sanctuary Group)
March 11th

Crystal Guardians and the Five Quartz Frequency (FACILITATOR MIKA)

In this class, we study the Five Quartz Frequency: starting with Clear – the Grandfather of the
Crystal Kingdom – then encompassing all the colors of the rainbow, quartz manifests and resonates
throughout our Chakra system.
The Crystal Guardians direct you in a deep meditation process, resonating in sequence with each of
these stones and color frequencies, to facilitate your journey. Join us to heal and attune your
Cost: R1150 Time: 12h00-17h00 Venue: Stones For Africa

  • Lightarian Courses

April 22 nd – AngelLinks™ (Facilitated by Vivienne)
Connecting and integrating Angelic inspiration, while embodying and expanding their qualities, into
all areas of your life. Raise your vibrational frequency to new levels of conscious awareness.
Create your personal crystal grid to anchor forgiveness, unconditional love and healing.
An AngelLink is a special, etheric energy connection, established during a guided meditation that is
permanently established between an individual and a particular angelic being, namely the 5
ArchAngels: Seraph Rose Aura, Michael, Raphael, Uriel & Gabriel.
Soul Investment:R1 000 **Special Offer Time: 9h30 – 12h30 Venue: Stones For Africa

  • Exhibiting

April 29 th – Mineral Crystal Rock Trade Fair
Come and explore treasures from around the world as Gem traders gather for this exhibit.
Hosted at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, Roodepoort. Time: 09h00 – 16h00
Bring the whole family and enjoy time in nature, discover new crystals and have a delicious meal or
bring a picnic.
Crystals Blessings and look forward to meeting you in the shop or seeing you at one
of the courses.
Vivienne xx